MFS short manual in English

Muscel Function Scale MFS

To assess muscle function in the lateral flexors of the neck in infants.

By holding the infant horizontally around the trunk without support for the head, lateral head righting reaction is estimated. The infant have to hold the head for at leastfive seconds on one level to achieve the score for that level otherwise it would be scored at the level below.

  • Holding the head below the horizontal line, give score 0.
  • Holding the head on the horizontal line, give score 1.
  • Holding the head slightly over the horizontal line, give score 2.
  • Holding the head high over the horizontal line but below 45 degrees, give score 3.
  • Holding the head high above the horizontal line and more than 45 degrees, give score 4.
  • Holding the head very high above the horizontal line, almost in vertical position, give score 5.