Picture Gallery Assessment, handling and treatment

Assessment done by the physiotherapist

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An atrhrodial protractor is being used to measure rotation in the neck. The infant in supine position, with the shoulders  stabilized and the neck supported by the       examiner over the edge   the examination couch.

A goniometer is being used to measure rotation in the neck. 

Neck rotation measured with an arthrodial protractor in sitting position.

A big protractor being used to measure lateral flexion (side bending) in the neck, the child is lying in supine position.

Muscle function assessed by holding the infant hrizonattly around the body without support for the head. The degree of lateral head righting is estimated according to Muscle function scale MFS

It is very common with a difference between left and right side for infants with torticollis 

Evaluation and assessment of skull asymmetry is done with infant in the sitting position.