The aim of this study was to investigate the values for passive range of motion (PROM) in rotation and lateral flexion of the neck, for children aged 3.5–5 years, and to compare the results with the measurements carried out on the same group of children as infants. Method: Twenty-three children (10 females) were assessed in PROM in rotation and lateral flexion of the neck. Both measurements were performed with the children in a lying position using a large protractor. The dependent t-test was used to compare PROM with the PROM from an earlier study when the children were infants. Result: PROM of the neck was found to be a mean 100° in rotation and 70° in lateral flexion at the age of 3.5–5 years. There was a significant decrease in rotation when comparing the measurements with values from infancy. Conclusions: These data suggest that there is a decrease in PROM in rotation during the first 5 years of life, and that PROM in lateral flexion remains unchanged.

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